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Web Designing ::
We have Designed and Developed several websites and portals for clients from different countries such as USA, UK, Switzerland, Singapore and UAE

We provide the following services:

Website design and development
Redesigning your existing website
Navigation design and development
"Look and Feel" development

Web site design includes defining the site, developing the site structure, visual design and testing, production and Q&A, testing for usability and analyzing your competition.

Web site redesign includes effective navigation, visual appeal, updated information, multi-platform compatibility, a professional presence and an interactive site.

This proven experience at BitraNet makes the difference in the way the business is conducted with the clients and business associates. Many of the team members are Certified Professionals of global technology leaders like Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc.

Web site Redesign:

Your web site may begin to look outdated. It's time for a new look, more user-friendly navigation, a more web savvy logo and easy-to-scan-through presentation of content. You may find that new graphic design and flash development will add to your users experience. It's time for a redesign. This will require, looking at your web site with new eyes, as a visitor would see it. Does it communicate? Is it effective? What are your goals for the web site? Are they being achieved? A redesign can sometimes be more complicated that the creation of a new web site. You will have to decide how much of the old site to use and how much to throw away. It's important to note that pages that are indexed with search engines should not be deleted or their URL changed.

Flash Development

Macromedia Flash MX 2004 is a great tool for interesting, interactive, fast-paced multimedia presentations on the web. BitraNet Flash Developers is geared to meet your Flash requirements in creating:


Interactive Presentations
Company Presentations
Flash Introductions
Banner Ads
Flash Video and Audio
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